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Welcome to the Chiropractic Accident & Wellness Center of Fenton! Our professional center is committed to relieving your neck and back pain. Whether you’re experiencing neck whiplash, degenerated discs, arthritis or simply need a chiropractic adjustment. We are here to help!

Dr. Carmelo Calandro and Dr. Christopher Calandro use chiropractic techniques focused on wellness and prevention. We also offer a variety of massages such as: therapeutic massage, deep tissue, sports massage, and trigger point therapy.

We are located at 408 Gravois Road, Fenton, MO 63026. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and experience a healthier life!

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Chiropractic Wellness

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Chiropractic wellness has been proven to help aid in pain management. Whether you have been involved in a car accident, a work related accident, suffering from fibromyalgia, or simply moved your neck incorrectly. Our whole body approach can lead to a better state of wellness after only a few visits.

Our trained and professional staff uses modern chiropractic equipment and technology to help adjust your body to proper alignment. If you’re suffering from repetitive movement injuries, we help to find a level of movement and wellness so you can truly live your live to the fullest.

Call today and discover how a pain free life is possible with the proper chiropractic wellness plan!

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Neck and Back Whiplash

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Whiplash occurs when the soft tissue in the spine is stretched and strained after the body is thrown in a sudden, forceful jerk. The injury most commonly occurs in car crashes involving sudden deceleration, but the injury can also occur in other strenuous physical activities such as swim diving.

Typically the diagnosis is made on the background of the injury and the patient’s description of symptoms. Whiplash cannot be seen on an MRI scan, CT scan or X-ray, although an X-ray is taken if there is a suspicion of fracture or dislocation of the cervical spine.

If you have experienced neck or back whiplash, call our office today for a free visit and consultation.

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