About Our Chiropractic Center in Fenton MO

“If You Are Not Healthy, We Are Not Happy”

Thank you for visiting the Chiropractic Accident & Wellness Center of Fenton website. Our friendly staff and caring doctors strive for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction. We have a full service Chiropractic Wellness Clinic offering chiropractic’s, physical therapy, massage therapy, nutritional cleansing/weight loss and much more.

Dr. Christopher Calandro, and the Chiropractic Physicians, have experience in all areas of back and neck pain. The dedicated doctors and team take extreme measures to help comfort patients with whatever physical ailments their experiencing.

As every patient is in a different chapter in their live and have different health goals, you can expect a highly individualized and tailored experience. All chiropractic and massage therapy services are non-drug and non-surgical. We take great pride in conservative care to improve your quality of life, restore function, increase performance and vitality, and prevent future recurrence.

Within our website you will find health and wellness related information including general information about our office and services, our chiropractic procedures, back and neck pain, auto related and work related injuries and much, much more.

If you are having neck/back pain and looking for relief, in need of chiropractic rehab for a long-standing or recurrent issue, or looking to understand and improve your health concerns, we are here to help. New patients are welcome.

“If you are not healthy, we are not happy”

Our chiropractic practice is serving the Fenton, High Ridge, Valley Park area.