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Discovering and Treating the Sources of Pain

lady with neck pain
At Chiropractic Accident & Wellness Center in Fenton, our medical professionals are proud to implement state-of-the-art technology and treatments coupled with time and patient verified techniques. We work together to discover and treat pain problems so the very best healing and preventive treatments can be applied.

In addition to the neurological and orthopedic deductions, Dr. Carmelo or Dr. Chris will conduct a physical examination as well as discuss your health and physical background. They may advise having a diagnostic image, including an X-ray, MRI, or a Nerve Conduction Velocity test, to help target the complication and provide recommendations for the most effective treatments. We treat each patient as an individual and carry out the most appropriate tests when warranted.

The doctors at Chiropractic Accident & Wellness Center of Fenton are licensed in interpreting diagnostic and other laboratory results. Therefore, you are welcome to request a review on any tests your MD may have prescribed. We carry a respected reputation working together with patients’ medical doctors as a component of complete and comprehensive care. We will be pleased to establish a relationship with your attending physician, specialist, physical therapist, dental practitioner or any other professional associated with your treatment.